I don’t know about you but this was kind of hard to believe for me. The Bills literally kicked the butt of the Minnesota Vikings today. They manhandled them.  My goodness, Josh Allen actually hurdled a defensive back to get a first down.

As good as the offense looked today, the defense looked even better. Sack after sack of high priced QB Kirk Cousins. Jerry Hughes was looking like LT out there.

The score was 27-6! We were up 27-0 for over half of the game. Now I know how Baltimore Ravens fan it week one.

I’ll be honest, I wasn’t even going to watch the game. I was so let down from the way they played the last 2 weeks I was starting to look forward to the Buffalo Sabres starting.

Thank you Bills. A great game today. Was this a fluke or was this the real Buffalo Bills of 2018? We will soon see starting next week.

Here are the highlights: