One of the most often things I hear whether Medicaid and Medicare are one and the same.   A very common source of confusion on the grounds of healthcare options here in the United States is Medicare vs Medicaid. While dealing with Medicare vs Medicaid what are some factors to consider? Here I’ll be very brief. I will give you virtually all you need to know about the twin of Medicare and Medicaid.

Twin?  How? Yes they are twin. Because they are both government healthcare programs and they both provide the legal populace of USA with affordable healthcare  services .    

    However, when you opt for Medicaid, the costs incurred by your health services are jointly financed by the Federal Government and the State Government. While opting for Medicare implies that your healthcare services are singularly financed by the state Government.


At what age can you benefit from Medicare vs Medicaid?

Medicare is basically for citizens of USA with a minimum age of sixty-five.

While the health association of America clearly stated that it does not have any age limit. It’s a health insurance scheme designed for people of all ages.


Every beneficiary must be a member of at least one out of over 25 categories.

The division into these categories are absolutely dependent on each state, it varies from state to state in USA.

Does simply attaining 65 years as a citizen of USA absolutely guarantee eligibility for Medicare? Yes. You can also get Medicare if you are under 65 and you are on disability.

   However, this does not apply to Medicaid. To qualify for Medicaid, you must have low income that is not enough to pay for your healthcare services. Note that low income is not the only factor under consideration for Medicaid eligibility. Hence, even if you are more than 64 years old but financially stable, you cannot benefit from Medicaid but you can still benefit from Medicare.

  • Disabled persons with ages less than 65 can be qualified for both Medicare and Medicaid.


  The Medicare program offers Medicare part A that covers hospitalization. Medicare part B for medical insurance.  Medicare part C that covers all the collective benefits of Medicare part A and Part B. While Medicare part D is there to cater for drug prescriptions.

  The Medicaid program caters for the deficiencies of Medicare. It covers hospice and hospital expenses, Dental Health, Doctor checkups, nursing home visits and the like. Please note that prescription drugs aren’t covered in nursing home visits.


For Medicare there are 3 major options.

  • Visit and apply.
  • Visit the local Social Security office
  • Call 1-800-772-1213 between 7am – 7pm from Monday to Friday.

For Medicaid

  • You can apply by filling out a form at the health insurance marketplace.

Now you are in a better position to make  a decision  devoid  of ignorance. Simply compare the peculiarities of each of these healthcare programs and make your decision.