Original Medicare, often known as Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B, is a fee-for-service plan that is managed by the federal government and provides Medicare to eligible individuals with coverage for and access to doctors, hospitals, and other healthcare providers who take Medicare. People who use Original Medicare pay a fee for each service but Medicare pays a certain amount up to certain limits.

Medicare gets its funds from a portion of the payroll taxes paid by workers and their employers. It is also partly financed by monthly premiums paid by the beneficiaries that could be deducted from Social Security checks. It is important to note that Original Medicare does not pay for everything. Healthcare services such as Cosmetic surgeries, healthcare services while outside the United States (in some cases), hearing aids, most hearing exams, long-term care (nursing homes), most eyeglasses, most dental care and dentures, and some prescription drugs.


  1. Original Medicare offers limited prescription drug coverage in certain situations although it does not typically cover prescriptions that you take at home. These drugs include immunosuppressive drugs (for transplant patients) and oral anti-cancer drugs.
  2. Original Medicare covers services offered by Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B. This means that you are covered for care at skilled nursing facilities and sometimes nursing homes for Part A, and preventive care, doctor visits, lab tests, durable medical equipment, and more for Part B.
  3. With Original Medicare, you can make a choice of any doctor you want who accepts Medicare.
  4. If you are travelling within the US, Original Medicare will cover you in all 50 states.
  5. Low costs. For Part A, Medicare enrollees get free coverage, for Part B, you pay approximately $134 per month. This means that most Americans have access to affordable healthcare.
  6. Individuals with disabilities are covered with Original Medicare.
  7. Older Americans have access to regular health care at affordable rates .