WellCare Health Plans, Inc is a huge health insurance company with more than 6.3 million members. The
beginning of the company started in 1985, with a base in Tampa, Florida. In 1997, they began to offer health
insurance plans to Medicare members. Back then, those were called Medicare+Choice or Part C plans. Those
were also discussed in our article about United Health Care.

The company started to offer plans with prescriptions drugs. Especially after Medicare signed the Medicare
Prescription Drug, Improvement, and Monetization Act in 2013. They kept growing, implementing in 2016 Part
D plans to their services.

The company went through many changes over the years, with the biggest one being in 2017. In September,
there was a change in the concept of the company. They decided to rebrand itself to a holistic lifestyle company.
Their Medicare services kept growing. In 2017, they also added UNC Health's physicians to their Medicare
service. Today, the company has about $17 billion in revenue.

 Their plans

They offer a series of plans for the member’s choices. They are as follows:

 Preferred (HMO) – all of Part A and Part B services. There's also an addition of prescription drugs and
other extra services

.  Advance (HMO) – all of Part A and Part B services without prescription drugs. There's also an addition
of other extra services.

 Today Options Advantage Plus 75OB(PPO) – all of the Part A and Part B services. This plan alsoincludes the choice for members to look for doctors outside of the service. Also, additional drug
coverage and extra services.

 Access (HMO SNP) – This plan is mainly for the members with a Medicare and Medicaid plan. It also
covers Part A and Part B services and extra services.

 Today Options Advantage Plus 45OA (PPO) – Covering all of Part A and Part B services including
prescriptions drug. It also offers flexibility for professionals outside of the company's network and
supplemental services.
WellCare’s plans offer a great variety of choices. There is also the chance of having extra benefits for each plan.
These include care for other health problems that might appear on individuals who are older. They also have
fitness benefits as part of the extras.

 Their Goal

WellCare Health Plans, Inc's primary goal is to provide government-sponsored health care insurance plans for
families and seniors. They also have an extensive chain of possibilities such as Medicaid, Medicare, and
Prescription drug plans. Overall, the company claims to have as a main goal to provide expert health care
services. This advantage would offer quality experiences to all of the company's members.

 Conclusion

WellCare is a company in the business of health insurance that has now over 6 million members. With a vast
catalog of Medicare plans, the company seeks to provide quality services that will cover any medical need for
its member, with the goal of allowing the citizens to achieve greater health and well-being.