UnitedHealthcare is probably one of the biggest health care companies out there. With the massive number of
more than 115 million clients, the company has a revenue of about $226,2 billion. With the main base in
Minnesota, United Healthcare's history started in 1974 when Richard Taylor Burke had Charter Med

Fast forward to 1977. United Healthcare was officially open as a way to organize the first company. The first
plan offered by the company came in 1988, with their pharmacy benefit management. Over the years, the
company kept growing and expanding its services and size.

The company has a specific sector to Medicare and Retirement, which is a service that focuses on people who
are only older than 50. This sets them apart from other insurance companies. As a matter of fact, United
Healthcare bought XLHealth, which is an investor of Medicare back in 2012. The company then grew to no end,
recently buying massive companies such as DaVita Inc and Equian for $4.3 billion and $3.2 billion respectively.

 Their plans

United’s Medicare plans are a little different than other companies. They compile services from class A, B, and D
into the same plan. Those will also have a series of benefits, including health care for the eyes, ears, and fitness,
such as a gym membership.

The main plan is the UnitedHealthcare Medicare Advantage, which is classified as Part C. The focus of these
plans isn’t only on the price but offering extra benefits that are not usually found in other plans.

With the combination, the client can combine and choose which benefits they want on their plans. Part A
provides Hospital Insurance, offering a vast possibility as far as venues go. Part B is for medical insurance, or
both Hospital and Medical. Even you decide for one of these plans, that's when you can choose to add on to it.

Part C offers a Medicare advantage plan. Lastly, Part D provides a Medicare prescription drug plan.

Their main plan, however, is Part C, which is the Medicare Advantage plan. They include all of the benefits from
Parts A and B with the addition of prescription drugs, eye exams, dental exams, hearing tests, fitness program
and much more.

 Their Goal

United HealthCare focuses on providing excellent plans in order to allow people to live their healthiest lives.
Their main goal in experience and building a closer relationship with their clients. The company is one of the
biggest in the niche and covers more than 6.000 hospitals and 1 million physicians. All of this to provide their
clients with the best health care possible.

 Conclusion

As a large health care company, United HealthCare is part of the UnitedHealth Group. With Medicare, they offer
a series of different plans that can be shaped to cover all of the client's needs. The company's primary focus,
unlike its competitors, isn’t really the price. But instead, the health care experience provided to the costumers.