Did you know  you can sell your mortgage notes whenever you desire. Most mortgage holders are oblivious to some of the benefits they can get by selling their mortgages and/or deeds of trust at a point in time. For example, if you need immediate cash, you can sell the mortgage note to raise needed cash. 

Why Sell Your Mortgage Notes?

Often people sell their notes to raise cash for immediate needs, however, many sell their mortgages to reinvest the money in other more lucrative assets. Here are some of the common reasons people give.

Lump Sum of Cash: If you want to access cash to grow your business or to take advantage of a new business opportunity, selling your mortgage note can provide you easy access to a lump sum of cash. Having access to cash gives you the power to take advantage of any opportunity that comes your way.

Debt: If you have found yourself in a pool of debt and there is no one to turn to for financial assistance, your mortgage note (or deed of trust) can come to your aid. You can sell your mortgage to raise cash to pay your debt. Being out of debt gives you a rest of mind. You thereby gain the ability to concentrate on more important issues that can improve your health and financial conditions.

Retirement: Selling your mortgage note can give you the privilege to retire into comfort. Being retired does not necessarily mean you’re tired. Money realized from selling your mortgage can be used to start up a business, buy up equity in an existing business, or put in a profitable investment.

New Investment: If you have access to the right information, there are great earning investment potentials out there that you can leverage on with liquid cash. So, if you want immediate cash for investment purpose, don’t look further, your mortgage note is all you need to access a sizeable finance.

 Medical Bills: Health is wealth. 

 College Tuition: Enough said. College is expensive.

Buying a  new House:  Sell your mortgage to raise money to buy a new house for yourself or business purposes

Mortgage notes can serve as a source of liquid cash for immediate usage. In fact, there are no restrictions on how you can use the money generated from selling your mortgage note. Now, let’s consider some tips on how you can get a better value from your mortgage notes.

How To Sell Your Mortgage for the Best Value

The most important thing you can do is research. Today it is much easier than it used to be with the advent of the internet,

If you have any questions or would like specific questions about selling your mortgage, you can call me or send me a message. I do have some experience in this area having sold some mortgages in the past.