This week I had an appointment with a lady that called me to switch to a Medicare Supplement or Medigap plan. Susan (not her real name) took notes when we put her on a Medicare Advantage plan last year.

As I preach all the time, if you have NY State EPIC, you can switch Drug Plans at anytime, one time, in addition to AEP or Open Enrollment. You can purchase the Supplement at any time.

Susan got news from her Doctor that she had breast cancer and would require extensive treatments and possibly several hospital stays. The good news is the prognosis is very good but she has a rough road in front of her.

Susan remembered what I told her about switching into a supplement if this type of thing happened. Good for her.

I met with her and set her up on the F Plan which will start on May 1st. We also put her into a stand alone prescription plan or Part D Prescription plan.

This, my friends, is exactly what to do if you live in New York and are enrolled in EPIC. To read an in depth article CLICK HERE.