The government’s website is the most valuable source of information
that is available to everyone.

I will tell you this… whenever I need any answers to questions about Medicare this is
where I always go.

It is my suggestion to all of my clients, for sure, and anyone and everyone that is on Medicare
that they get familiar with this most valuable resource.

This is the website you go to when you start getting close to going on Medicare. It is where you
start the process by applying for coverage.

If you are looking for all the plans available in your area, this is where you go. You literally can
find doctors, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, medical equipment, and supplies all with the click
of your mouse.

As I mentioned, I try and get all of my clients familiar with the website. There are
also numerous mail pieces they will be happy to send to you if you prefer to have your reading
materials in your hands like a lot of seniors do.

Those with very low incomes or on Medicaid can apply for extra help. Many people are eligible
for this help that do not apply.

Please feel to contact me by phone or email if you if questions or need some guidance when
you first start looking around on the site. You can also read the eBook Medicare Made Clear.

Click Here for your free copy.