First of all, I want to stress that for an extremely proactive person you do not really need a Medicare Advisor. If you take the time to read the information freely provided by, rest assured, everything is there. Every single plan available is there for the viewing. All you have to do is click and read.

Another great place to start is with the Medicare Made Clear booklet (CLICK HERE for Free Copy) from UnitedHealthcare. It is important to note that although published by UHC it is not company specific.

All Medicare Supplements, for instance, are standardized. Simply stated an F Plan is an F Plan, An N Plan is an N Plan, A G plan is a G Plan, etc.

Medicare Advantage plans or Part C Medicare Plans are also similar in that they all have co pays and deductibles. Another  key is that they all have a maximum out-of pocket. Today most have an out-of pocket maximum of $6700 for In-Network and $10,000 for Out-of Network PPO Plans.

Medicare Part D or Prescription plans, which you need if you go the Medicare Supplement route, all have their own Formulary and Tier out the different prescriptions. The differences between them is generally Drug Tiering, Formularies and Co-Pays.

So what is the difference from one Insurer to another?

As far as Supplements go, the answer is simple. Price. From company to company, they are all exactly the same. The government standardized them back in the early 1990’s.

Medicare Advantage plans are a little more complicated. The most important thing to determine is if you want an HMO or PPO. I wrote an article about this a while back. Click Here to read.

I think the second most important question to ask yourself is whether or not you travel. If you travel and want an Advantage plan, make sure you have more than just emergency coverage like those offered by local insurers.

Of course, you want to make sure your doctor accepts the plan and that your prescriptions are in the Formulary as well.

So why have an Advisor like you Sean?

For the same reason you have any kind of Advisor. I am a professional in this industry. I keep up on the changes and my only interest is making sure my clients are in the best plan for them. I will reiterate again that you do not need an advisor; you can do all these things yourself if you choose.

My business is mainly in the WNY area because I am from Buffalo and I absolutely love the area. My motto is that I will always be available by phone. “When you pick up the phone, so do I!” is my number one priority.

Finally I want to stress to you that you are not required to be my client to speak with me. If you have a pressing question about Medicare or the plan you are on, I will try and answer your question and steer you in the right direction.

Feel free to call me 716-603-6851.