It may sound crazy but it is a viable option for some people.

One of the biggest complaints people have is their Prescription drug costs and/or copays. For example, many plans put commonly used drugs in the Tier III classification. Coupled with the fact that many plans tack a large deductible on Tier III’s and higher, this can cause a huge outlay of money out-of-pocket at the beginning of each new year.

Of course, in New York State we have the State sponsored drug plan known as EPIC which can help if you have a lower income and can start using EPIC right away. However, if your income is too high, EPIC kicks in ONLY after you reach an income based deductible. This makes it moot as far as many people are concerned.

So what is the answer?

One option is to use a prescription drug discount plan like I wrote about back in October of last year ( Click Here To Read). I have many clients that use this service in conjunction with their EPIC program.

There is even a better way. Are you ready? The answer is to go to Canada! That’s right folks, go to Canada. Living here on the Canadian border makes it a real viable option. I don’t want to go in to details here in this post but the savings people are experiencing are pretty substantial.

Simply pick up your phone and make a call to a pharmacy in Fort Erie or Niagara Falls, ON. You will be pleasantly surprised what you find.

Please note you will still need your doctors prescription for most drugs.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to give me a call.