Whenever I am asked about Medicare plans and which type of plans pay more of the medical bills the anwer is easy…Medicare Supplements. Especially the F, G and N plans.

It is true that these plans generally have higher premiums and require an additional Part D prescription plan but they do offer 100% flexibility and they pay almost ALL the bills.

Medicare Advantage plans usually have very low premiums and other coverages like gym memberships, preventative care, dental plans and other enticing extras. However, when the chips are down and you end up racking up medical bills you will wish you had a supplement.

In New York, my clients have much more flexibility than other states because you are not required to answer health questions to purchase a supplement. This means you can switch to a supplement after you have been given a diagnosis which will require lots of treatments and hospital stays. In other words in New York you can wait until you need it to purchase a supplement


Also, if you qualify for NY State EPIC, you can switch plans throughout the year without waiting for Open Enrollment.

If you have and questions about any type of Medicare plan, feel free to contact me.