Medicare has helped the medical life of a lot of people in our age and time, it has improved the quality of a lot of lives. But it will improve the quality of more lives, if only most people understand what Medicare part C is, and how it helps cushion the effect of high medical costs.

  Medicare part C, is one of the 4 major parts of Medicare, with each part covering a specific Medicare service. Part A (inpatient or hospital coverage) and part B (outpatient or medical coverage), makes up what is known as the original Medicare. Original Medicare is the Medicare service that you will be provided with, unless you determine otherwise. That takes us to Medicare part c.


      Medicare part c, also known as Medicare private health plan, or Medicare Advantage plan, is a type of Medicare that provides you with all the part A and B services (except hospice care, which is covered solely by part A), with the addition of some other additional services. These additional services may include prescription drug coverage, dental care, hearing aid, wellness programs, and routine vision services. In addition, Medicare Part C plan is required by law to include in its features, an annual maximum cap on out of pocket costs. The implication of this is that once that maximum limit is reached, you will not pay anything for additional covered medical services.


    Learning the differences between the four Medicare parts is of utmost importance, since it goes a long way in determining how satisfied you will be with your Medicare services. For example, in original Medicare, you are free to go to nearly all doctors or hospital in the country. that is not the case with Medicare Advantage plans, which typically have network restrictions. This implies that you will likely be more limited in your choice of doctors and hospitals.

You need to understand too, that unlike in original Medicare, where your benefits are also received through original Medicare, Medicare Advantage plans are received through private insurers, such as unitedhealthcare® (that is not necessarily a disadvantage though).

    Another thing that is worthy of note as regards Medicare part c is understanding the fact that you still have Medicare if you enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan. This implies that the fact that you are in Medicare part c does not exempt you from the liabilities of part A and part B. in simple terms, you still have to pay your monthly Part B premiums.


The cost of coverage varies and depends on the type of plan you want. For example, you can get plans with or without prescription drug coverage, these plans are with varying prices. Also, where you live and your income level are factors that determine the cost of a Medicare Advantage plan.


You can do this by simply signing up during an enrollment period. Of you have specific questions, feel free to send me a message or give me call.