Medicare Help Buffalo

Medicare Help Buffalo

How to Get Medicare Help in Buffalo, NY

Medicare is a health insurance program for people aged 65 years old and above. This entitlement program is also given to individuals with special needs. For retirees, it’s a big relief to be able to sign up to Medicare.

However, problems start to arise as soon as people realize that there are a few things not covered in the Original Medicare or the Parts A and B of the program. People eventually turn to parts C and D of the program.

In the city of Buffalo, people ages 65 and above make up 12% of the city’s entire population. That accounts for more than 31,000 of residents, as of the latest census.

The issue is not all of these residents have Medicare. This is because a number of residents are confused about the eligibility requirements. People ask where they could get more coverage or when they can enroll. This is where Medicare help in Buffalo can be of help.

If you or a loved one is about to get it, Sean Kelly, Medicare Advisor could help you understand Medicare better. Sean Kelly has years of expertise in providing senior insurance services.

What are the Medicare Plans?

The first thing that confuses people is the coverage of each Medicare program. The basic plans are the plans A and B.

 The Plan A is usually given for free to people who paid their Medicare taxes during the years they are working. This refers to the Federal Insurance Contributions Act (FICA) taxes being deducted during payouts.

Part B is intended for people who need assistance in covering their treatments and diagnosis. The examples of covered services are visits to the doctor and laboratory tests and X-rays.

Aside from the Original Medicare, there is Part C and Part D. The Part C plan refers to the Medicare Advantage Plan while the latter is for prescription drugs.

Part C covers both the services that are covered under the Parts A and B. The Medicare Advantage plans are private health insurance plans. You are eligible for this given that you enrolled in the Original Medicare.

Plan D is optional. It is useful for people taking medications to get assistance with their prescription drug costs. Like the Plan C, this is available for those who already availed the Original Medicare. It’s also worth noting that you will only be eligible if you live in a service where the plan is being given.

Why It Matters to Seek Medicare Help in Buffalo

Enrolling late in Medicare comes with a price. There are penalties depending on the plan where the delayed enrollment was made. The only way to void Medicare penalties by being fully aware of the plan you would like to avail.

A trusted professional can advise you when making a decision pertaining to Medicare plans. It pays to get your counseling from an expert like Sean Kelly, Medicare Advisor to avoid paying a late-enrollment penalty. You may contact Sean Kelly by sending your concerns at You may also give him a call at (716) 603-6851.

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