I know I have written on this topic many times in the past but I decided to write this post because I get the quest almost every week at least once.

If you live in NY State, you have many more options than someone living in every other state. This is because NY is “Community Rated” meaning there are no heath questions other than the kidney dialysis question.

The most comprehensive coverage as far as Doctor and Hospital bills is the Medicare Supplement. The F Plan pays everything Medicare does not pay. It also has a very hefty premium of $224 per month currently (AARP United Healthcare). You will also need a Part D Prescription Drug plan if you choose this option.  It simple, if you are in a chronic health situation, in and out of the hospital, etc. this is the plan for you. It just makes sense.

For everyone else in NY, an HMO or PPO is most likely the best choice. HMO’s are network sensitive meaning all care must be with “In-Network” providers and hospitals, etc. This is fine if you are not a snow bird or someone that travels for extended periods. PPO’s are best for those that do travel and/or for those that want the option to go to any Doctor or Hospital they choose regardless of whether they  are “In-Network” or not.

Medicare Advantage Plans ( HMO’s and PPO’s) also have many extra benefits like dental, vision, hearing aids and gym memberships which people like.

Finally, because of NY State EPIC, which I have written numerous Blog Posts on, you can switch to a Medicare Supplement ( in most cases) if your health takes a change for the worse.

If you have questions about your particular situations, feel free to contact me.