If you have been even a little aware of what is going on in the world today, you would see that the “Evil One” is putting on the push of a lifetime to poison the minds of Americans.

It started years back when they started infiltration into our school system. Power grabs are easy when the public is uneducated. Our average American today, unfortunately, has no clue about our history and traditions. All they know is what the left has pounded into their heads. That is racism, racism and more racism. “You’ve been screwed!” is all they hear!

The ‘Elites” have figured out that since the public has become so ignorant, they can control the narrative by simply saying over and over what that want the ignoramuses to believe and of course, they will.

So what can I do? First we can pray. We can stand up and we can force them to listen while we still can. We have got to believe that there are still enough families that raised and educated their families correctly. The are still many Americans, some 70 million plus, that are on the right side of God’s word.

I’m begging people to NOT be silent. Go to church and pray. And don’t just pray, speak out. Do not be afraid of the Devil. Remember, God knows what’s going on. This is not new.

This is an opportunity God has given us more than anything else. Embrace it.