I get a few calls a month from people getting ready to go on Medicare for the first time that know little or nothing about Medicare. It is very important that you really know what you have and the benefits you receive so you can plan for your healthcare coverage. There are a lot of options and all plans do not work for all people.

The first thing I suggest is for you to get familiar with Medicare.gov. It is a website put out by the government and there you can find answers to any questions you can think of. Even for myself, with years of experience, this is my go to website when I have questions.

There is also I great eBook called “Medicare Made Clear” which you can get for free by Clicking Here. It is put out by United Healthcare but it is not a sales tool for UHC. It is just a great informational piece that will really help you understand Medicare.

Finally, feel free to contact me with your questions. I will help steer you in the right direction.