Today I started on Day One with the 10 day program offered by “The Christian Meditator”. I am very encouraged at how the first part of the first day went.

I am sitting here in my bed at 2:12pm in my bed and I plan to do the meditation again before going to bed this evening.

Here are the instructions for after the mediation:

After the Meditation: 

  1. Sit in silence for a few moments.
  2. Journal about your meditation experience or any new insights.
  3. Don’t judge how well you did. All that matters is you did it!
  4. Thank God and yourself for taking the time to BE STILL in God’s Presence.
  5. Listen to the meditation again in the evening.

The topic today was to control negative thoughts and still the mind to allow the love of God to heal me. I have struggled for a long time now with what I believe is right and wrong. I know I am not perfect but it seems that my struggle to get my point of view across is or maybe has caused so much damage.

I can honestly say that most relationships in my life have been severely damaged or destroyed by the fact that those I love totally dismiss what I believe is right.

Although I try to listen and accept, no one has any desire to listen to or accept me. Hence, my attraction towards Christ. He explained original sin and the difficulty in following Him and His teaching on this world.

Since the election and to a minor extent the storm of the Capital I have become sick inside. In fact, at or around the 10th of January or so, my entire new family in Toronto has been bogged down by the dreaded COVID19 virus.

I was drawn to this series because I have been searching. I think I have always believed that God was the only answer in bring peace to me and the world.

It went well. I feel good and I feel encouraged. I know now to ask God to step in when the thoughts the Devil loves enter my mind.

I’ll close with this. I have tried many things to center myself and bring me into unity with the Holy Spirit. Many started off as good as or better than expected. For whatever reason, nothing has taken hold and captivated me to change my life. I pray God hears me.