You might have heard about the Blue Cross and Blue Shield health insurance organizations. The federation has
about 36 units all over the United States with the main focus of providing health insurance. When it comes to
this, they are quite successful, considering the fact that they currently have about 106 million people as clients.
This puts the Blue Cross and Blue Shield right at the top in their niche.

The history of the business started in 1929 when they were still separate organizations. The Blue Cross was the
first to be founded in 1929, which later became the Blue Cross Association. Then, in 1939, the Blue Shield was
up and running, and eventually becoming the Blue Shield association in 1939. It wasn’t, however, until 1982,
when the two merged to become what we know now as Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association.

 Their services

All over the United Starts, both blue cross and blue shield companies offer insurance plans. They are present in
every single state under the name of one or even both of the companies. This was one of the factors that helped
the business achieve the dominance that they have today. The merged company offers its service through the
national health insurance program, Medicare.

 Their available plans

The Blue Cross and Blue Shield association offer a variety of services. On their website, you can easily navigate
through the many different programs that you can choose from. They are usually focused on your financial
situation and people who will be under the protection of insurance, which is the case for families.
One of the options is the Employer-Sponsored Health Insurance, which works as group insurance that will be
split between employer and employee. They also offer different options for large corporations with more than
100 employees and smaller ones.

Of course, this isn’t the only type of plan available. The Medicare Plan is one of the most affordable choices for
health care for all of the age groups. Even within the Medicare umbrella, they offer a lot of offers depending on
the person's need. The factors that will have a weight on the insurance are of course your age and financial
situation. But mostly, your age is the critical factor.

 Their Goal

The company describes itself as a business with a significant focus on accessible health. The goal is mainly to
provide insurance programs all over the country, covering as many people as possible. To do that, they have a
large number of hospitals and doctors that are side by side with the business and can provide assistance to
anyone under the company’s umbrella.

 Conclusion

The Blue Cross and Blue Shield that were initially founded separately, today work together to provide
insurance and health services under Medicare. Their main products and services revolve around the offer of
plans for any type of people with any kind of need. This led them to a massive number of clients, which
eventually created their dominance in the field.