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UnitedHealthcare Medicare Plans

Unitedhealthcare is probably one of the biggest health care companies out there. With the massive number of
more than 115 million clients, the company has a revenue of about $226,2 billion. With the main base in
Minnesota, United Healthcare's history started in 1974 when Richard Taylor Burke had Charter Med

What is EPIC?

The Elderly Pharmaceutical Insurance Coverage (EPIC) is the New York State Pharmaceutical Assistance Program which covers for more than half the cost of prescription drugs for New York residents who are 65 or older

The “Medicare.gov” Website

On this website, you are able to access information about whether you are eligible for Medicare and whether you get Medicare automatically. You also learn your Medicare coverage choices and how Medicare works with other insurance. You can Medicare online through the social security’s website, sign up for a change on your Medicare coverage (which includes your Medicare Advantage Plan i.e. Part C or Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage i.e. Part D), find and compare drug plans, health plans, and Medicare Supplement Insurance (Medigap) policies, and check your Current or future Medicare enrollment.

Always Review Your Medicare Plan

I write this post today because of a meeting I had with a person today that has had the same Medicare plan for several years now. The problem is that the plan is completely obsolete in todays market. In a sense, she has been paying for a plan that has cost a lot of money with a prescription plan that is not even considered credible by the CMS (the government).

Today Is My 56th Birthday!

I try to make at least one blog post every week but sometimes it is hard coming up with a topic. So today I will make the topic gratitude. I once heard that looking back on your blessings is refreshing and renewing. Although I have had some difficult times in my life,...

Do You Have Questions About Medicare?

I get a few calls a month from people getting ready to go on Medicare for the first time that know little or nothing about Medicare. It is very important that you really know what you have and the benefits you receive so you can plan for your healthcare coverage. There are a lot of options and all plans do not work for all people.

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