I met with a client last week turning 65 in a couple months. She contacted me because she wanted to get set up with a Medicare Advantage plan and save some money on premiums compared to her plan from her employer.

Mildred (not her name) wanted to know if she could get one of the zero premium plans she has heard about.

Mildred has COPD. She was a heavy smoker for many years until she was diagnosed a couple years ago. She has trouble breathing and is on oxygen all the time. Last she she had to have 3  hospital stays which was better the 5 the year before. Her doctor wants her to also go through a series of tests for cancer at Roswell Park Cancer Hospital soon.

As you can most likely imagine, this is a classic description of someone that should go directly on a Medicare Supplement, either Plan F or Plan G.

You see, Mildred is going to rack up bills. Many of them. With any Advantage plan her copays and deductibles will easily eat up the current $6700 out of pocket. Not to mention that most Advantage plans are limited as to the treatment plans or type of care you can get. They are also mostly network driven. An important point to consider when you want the very best care available.

This is definitely some one that should choose a Medigap plan in my opinion.