Annuities offer a solution to seniors wondering whether they have enough money left for their golden years.

Too often, Americans run into real worry when the question is raised. What’s great about an indexed annuity is that you can invest any amount and have that money grow until it’s needed as retirement income. An indexed annuity’s interest rate will vary throughout the duration of the contract, though a guaranteed minimum between 1 and 3 percent makes it a highly attractive option for those facing the eventual realities of retirement.

The greatest benefit of indexed annuities is that the annuitant can retain significantly higher interest rates.

Sean Kelly Medicare Advisor offers proven expertise to the Buffalo community. We’re here to help you navigate the nuances as well as the considerable returns of indexed annuities.

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I’m an insurance advisor here in WNY and Upstate New York. I specialize in Medicare and Burial Insurance. While I am able to assist customers nationwide, I proudly serve the communities of Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, Albany, and Binghamton, among others. As you may have noticed, Upstate New York’s elderly population continues to grow, increasing the need for a medicare advisor with a proven track record. As Upstate New York’s number one (and best-reviewed) medicare advisor, you can rest assured that I will go the extra mile so that you’re covered by a plan that suits your specific needs. In an industry defined by terminology and technical jargon, customers throughout Upstate New York have found it helpful to retain the services of a professional medicare advisor. Our local customers live throughout the Western New York area. 

All too often, people of 65 years and older face the complexities of the insurance industry alone. Or else they never get the chance to discuss it with an actual professional—they have to settle for automated voice messages or resign themselves to being put on hold endlessly.

That is just not right. Retirement should not mean that kind of worry or confusion.

Calling me, Sean Kelly, a local Buffalo and nationwide professional, means talking with a capable professional who cares about your well-being! Ultimately, it means getting answers and finding peace of mind.

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