Whether ir not you are living in New York or in other part of America. This article is useful for you. Especially if your date of birth is around 1953. I mean if you are 65 years old or thereabouts.

   I wanted to start my writing from AARP Medicare Supplement plan F. But I realized that you need some prior information. I guess you know who AARP is – the American Association of Retired people. You also need to know about Medicare Supplement plan before you can understand the need for option F.

   In Some of my previous articles, I explicitly explained Medicare part A ,B, C, D and some related questions you might have.

   The surface of a plain glass isn’t plain if it isn’t absolutely plain. Physical science will tell you that a plane glass is plain and not plain. This is not that boring high school physics class where a teacher is simply there to spew confusing lines and display how boring he or she can be. Back to our subject of discussion.

   Medicare is a plain mirror. Simultaneously perfect and imperfect. I’m sorry for being metaphoric though. In plain terms, Medicare is perfect but has its own deficiencies. To understand the relevance of my prior statement. I’ll love to briefly explain something called Medigap ,  how it relates to medicare and what the supplement plan F is.


  Medigap is simply another name for medicare supplemental insurance. As the name implies , it supplements Medicare.

   This term refers to some healthcare insurance plans created to cater for the deficiencies of medicare plan A and plan B. Medigap, as the name also implies covers the “gap” left uncovered by Medicare part A and Medicare Part B. It covers the cost that Medicare do not accommodate. Such as

  • Coinsurance
  • Deductibles
  • Copayments

Though private, their standardization depends largely on the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

   Note that Medicare supplement plans are not compatible with the medicare advantage plan (Medicare Part C).

   However, it is compatible with both Medicare part A and Part B. Medicare supplement insurance is not compatible with medicare advantage due to there similarities. Before an individual can be eligible for any of these supplement plans he has to be registered for medicare part A and B. This is compulsory.

   We have various supplement plans, A, B, C,D, F, G K, L, M and N. However, I have decided to discuss plan F. Of these plans, it has the highest number of subscribers and it is also the most comprehensive.

What is AARP Medicare Supplement plan F?

    When we talk about a plan, the most important thing is what we can benefit from it. When you buy a Medigap policy also called the medicare supplement policy. After purchase, Medicare Supplement Plan F is one of the available options.

It covers

  • Up to a year after medicare benefit are used. It pays for medicare part A Coinsurance and hospital costs.
  • Medicare part B Coinsurance
  • Blood (four 3 pints)
  • Part A Hospice Care and Coinsurance
  • Skilled nursing Facility care coinsurance.
  • Medicare part A Deductibles
  • Medicare part B Deductible
  • Medicare part B excess charges.
  • Foreign Travel Emergency (up to plan limits)

Of all the medicare supplement plans endorsed by AARP, Plan F is the only option that offers all the benefits listed above altogether.

  The other plans offer some benefits, but none of them offers as much benefit as plan F.

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