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Sean Kelly | Medicare Advisor: Proven Expertise

When it comes to Medicare, your best bet is always comprehensive knowledge, even in cases when comprehensive coverage isn't necessarily required. You won’t be surprised to hear the same goes for other forms of insurance as well—there’s simply no substitute for a rounded understanding of the various policies at play. 

I have worked in the Senior space since the late 1980s. After serving in the United States Marine Corps, I started selling insurance with John Hancock Mutual Life.

It was there I discovered I enjoyed helping Seniors sort through all the changes that take place as they approach retirement. Concerns like health insurance, retirement income, wealth protection and wealth transfer are always front and center when people get older.

In addition to Senior Insurance services, I also owned and operated an Emergency Alert company ("Help! I've fallen and can't get up!") in the early 1990s and co-founded one of the top hearing companies in NY, which continues to thrive today. In fact, it is still owned and operated by my original partner.

Because of the changes in Medicare plans every year, Seniors often experience stress as AEP or Annual Election Period approaches. This period, from October 15 to December 7th, is commonly known as Open Enrollment.

I am committed to helping my clients navigate this process so that they don't experience any added stress. They, in turn, love the fact that I am always just a simple phone call away. The best part? They talk to me personally, not a call center or voice answering machine.

Our Services

Medicare Advisory

That’s where Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement insurance come in. When navigating this decision-making process, just remember, it pays to have the counsel of a trusted professional on hand.

Medicare, on its own, doesn’t tend to be enough for most recipients.

Wealth Protection

An annuity, in its simplest form, is a retirement savings contract. There are two main types of annuities: fixed and indexed. Both fixed and indexed annuities provide a guaranteed minimum value.

Annuities offer a solution to seniors wondering whether they have enough money left for their golden years.

Wealth Transfer

Sean Kelly, Medicare Advisor, offers proven expertise to the Buffalo community. We’re here to help you navigate the nuances as well as the considerable returns of indexed annuities.

The ability to plan ahead of time has served as a great comfort to countless families.

Burial Insurance

Under a burial insurance plan, you may choose the funeral home, type of service, casket (or cremation), flowers, headstone, and the burial plot—all in advance. As you would imagine, this allows you a considerable degree of control when it comes to the cost of the proceedings.

Experience the difference

As a Medicare Adviser, I go to great lengths to ensure you receive the best care.

Experience the difference and gain the peace of mind you deserve.

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