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Do you have the right medicare coverage for your needs? Call Sean Kelly, your local Medicare Advisor to learn about what medicare plan is best for your needs. I can help you get the most out of your medicare coverage.

I’m an insurance advisor here in WNY and I specialize in Medicare and Burial Insurance.

All too often, people of 65 years and older face the complexities of the insurance industry alone. Or else they never get the chance to discuss it with an actual professional—they have to settle for automated voice messages or resign themselves to being put on hold endlessly.

That is just not right. Retirement should not mean that kind of worry or confusion.

Calling me, Sean Kelly of Buffalo, means talking with a capable professional who cares about your well-being! Ultimately, it means getting answers and finding peace of mind.

Do you need a better rate? A better plan? Better coverage?  

Together, we’ll find a plan that’s compatible with your specific needs and you won’t be placed on hold either! Talk to me personally, Sean Kelly.

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Sean Kelly, Medicare Advisor: Proven Expertise

I’m a Buffalo native and I can say with authority, when it comes to Medicare, your best bet is always comprehensive knowledge, even in cases when comprehensive coverage isn’t necessarily required. You won’t be surprised to hear the same goes for other forms of insurance as well—there’s simply no substitute for a rounded understanding of the various policies at play.

Yet—there’s no denying this—credible resources are sometimes hard to come by within the crowded marketplace of the insurance industry. That’s true here in Erie County and the Niagara Falls area, just as it is in the rest of the country.

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As a Medicare Adviser, I’ve made it my business to bridge the divide in all the following areas:

  • Medicare Advisory
  • Wealth Transfer
  • Wealth Protection
  • Burial Insurance

Yes—knowledge is power and the insurance sector is no exception.

My name is Sean Kelly. I’m a Medicare Advisor to Buffalo, and this is one idea that’s served as a guiding principle to me since 2006.

Gain a Deeper Understanding

Your ability to make an informed decision is something I take very seriously.

Your ability to make an informed decision grows in direct proportion to the comprehensive understanding you’re able to gain, and that’s something I take very seriously as a Medicare Advisor.

In summary, always remember, having a large portfolio of Medicare plans allows a Medicare advisor to fit the plan to your unique needs. 

Experience the difference

A Medicare Adviser to WNY, I go to great lengths to ensure you receive the very best care, which, in the end, just means a plan that fits your needs.

Experience the difference and gain the peace of mind you deserve.

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